Machines for the production of T-shirt bags, bottom sealed and wicket bags


SW97 automatic wicket bag making machine


The automatic high speed bag making machine SW97HP has been designed to produce a wide range of bags with Wicket collection to be used for the automatic packaging.

Thanks to its modular concept, the SW97HP machine can be customized according to different production needs, allowing to produce diapers, bread, bakeries, poultry, freezer, hygienic bags and much more.

The SW97HP is equipped with dedicated brushless servo motors for the film indexing, the sealing bars movement and the bags collecting on the final collector.


Elba updates constantly each one of its machines with new technological solutions, so today the SW97HP is equipped with the new HMI based on Siemens Profinet® system to easy set the machine, to control and check each phase of the working process, to save all different receipts and to restore them when necessary, to verify quickly any problem, reducing stop over time and increasing whereby the output.

The high performances, up to 250 cycles/ minute, the ease of set and of use and the low maintenance make the SW97 a reliable investment with a short term pay back.

Technical data

    SW97 07/06 SW97 09/06 SW97 11/06 SW97 11/08
Useful welding width mm 700 900 1100 1100
Min. bags lenght mm 100 100 100 100
Max. bags lenght mm 600 600 600 800
Number of bags per stack   250 250 250 250
Mechanical speed cpm 250 250 250 200
Max. film speed m/min 120 120 120 120