Technology, innovation and personal growth


Technology, innovation and personal growth

Why join ELBA team

ELBA, that together with FIBORSIN and FAE constitutes ELBA GROUP, has its headquarter in Magnago (Milan) and it is specialized in designing and selling machines for the production of bags, pouches and thermoshrinking bags.

In the Italian industry's current scenario, ELBA is a technological and productive excellence.

Excellence is education
ELBA has long understood that, particularly in the technological field, innovation is the only competitive advantage that can guarantee the success of a company. And if innovation is the objective, education is the instrument to get to it.

The value of people
The best way ELBA has found to valorize its team is to give every employee the possibility of becoming the best of what a person could be.

This means providing everyone with all the most suitable educational and working instruments, thereby guaranteeing specific growth paths for each different area, adjusted on single activities and always commensurate with everyone's capabilities and ambitions.

Technological HUB
The close cooperation with Siemens, the continuous search for new solutions, also customized, that provide the companies with the best results, make ELBA a futuristic pole of technological ferment, where the customer may not only have innovative and performing solutions, but the same internal procedure that takes the teams to innovation is part of a continuous motivating and profitable personal and business growth process.

To each his own path
In ELBA, all the offices and departments work with a view to specific objectives and with well-defined tasks. This increases the level of specialization and finalizes the result, thus giving life to products that aspire to be the top of the range and to specialists that can boast expertise as industry leaders.

An eye on the world
Internationality is another factor that, together with education and technology, allows ELBA to always be among the most advanced players of the sector.

The comparison with industrial companies all over the world, the continuing need to prepare bag and pouch making machines that meet the demands of different markets, allow ELBA and its team to promote diversified and top-performing technologies and solutions.

That is why, whether you are customers or collaborators: welcome to ELBA.